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    Important News Flash: Neanderthals Press reported Koko, the Gorilla, as saying: Donald Trump has resigned from the race...The Homosapien race, that is. Koko added:  Donald Trump decided to join his fellow Republican Neanderthals, but Koko was not sure if limited minded Trump would be accepted.  This writer wishes Trump all the best presiding over Republican apes and baboons.  The problem is that what is to be the first lady is neither a lady nor can she be first at anything, except, perhaps, sexual intercourse.

In Light of what happened in Florida and what would have happened in LA, all people should realize that there is no such a thing as a peaceful religion.  All religions are evil, savage, and brutal.  Refrain from stupid blind faith.  Islam is the leader of all such savage religions, which by definition, are pure evil. Instead of reading unholy books, read "God on Trial." You might develop some sense of logic and enhance your mind. 
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To offer online language practice.
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Teachers: Consider using "God on Trial" for your classes.
Students: Obtain a copy of ""God on Trial" -a novel by a non-native.

Ernest Wilde Shaw Woolf

Donald Duck, also known as "Trump," you are an imbecile, a dunce, and an ignoramus - a word you would not know


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