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IMAGINE  By Sabri Bebawi
Kendall Hunt Publishing
An Academic Writing Text designed to help learners with basic writing skills, enhance critical thinking skills and develop and refine communication skills. This edition includes extensive grammar review.


The Analysis Essay                                                
  • Analysis involves breaking something down into its components and discovering the parts that make up the whole.

    Q: "Discuss the different services a junior college offers a community."

    A: Thesis: A junior college offers the community at least three main types of educational services: vocational education for young people, continuing education for older people, and personal development for all individuals.

    Outline for supporting details and examples:

    1. Vocational education
    2. Continuing education
    3. Personal development
  • Useful transition words:

    • first, second, third, etc.
    • next
    • another
    • in addition
    • moreover