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Writing Effectively 


     (1) State Your Thesis

You must explain the main point of your essay at the start. A thesis statement is a sentence or two that

  • shows the purpose of the essay

  • indicates the basic components of the essay

  • offers the unique perspective of the writer

     (2) Use Linear Structure

Create an outline of the paper.

Paragraph 1. Introduction, followed by the thesis (3 points to be made)

Paragraph 2 -  Point 1.

Paragraph 3 -  Point 2.

Paragraph 4 -  Point 3.

Paragraph 5 -  Conclusion

     (3) Use Transitions

Transitions are words (like however, therefore, additionally, thus, and also) or phrases (like for example, on the other hand, and in conclusion) that show a link between a paragraph and the one that precedes it. You usually put a transition at the beginning of the paragraph to connect it to the previous one. One very useful way to create a transition sentence is to identify a key word or phrase in the previous sentence and repeat it in your transition sentence.

     (4) Be Direct, Concise, and to the Point

Keep your style simple, you will be less likely to commit errors in grammar and thus more likely to hold the interest of your reader..


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