Justifying Technology Use and Online Education 

I. Motivation:

Gaining learner attention: The visual and interactive features of technology seem to help focus students' attention and encourage them to spend more time on learning tasks,

Engaging the learner through production work: Students seem to like activities where they create technology-based products because such activities promote creativity

Increasing perception of control: Many students are motivated by feeling they are in control of their own learning

II. Unique instructional capabilities

Linking learners to information sources
Linking learners to education sources
Helping learners visualize problems and solutions
Tracking learner progress
Linking learners to learning tools

III. Support for new instructional approaches

Cooperative learning
Shared intelligence
Problem solving and higher order skills

IV. Increased teacher productivity

Many technology resources help teachers increase their productivity\

V. Required skills for an information age

Technology literacy
Information literacy
Visual literacy