English as a Second Language
Writing and Grammar
Professor Sabri Bebawi
Section One:
Reported Speech
Change the following into reported speech:
(1) Nao said to Naomi, “Who is your English teacher??span style="mso-spacerun: yes">   
(2) Alex said to Ruben, “Why didn’t you come to class yesterday??/span> 
(3) Dany said to Akiko, “Does the teacher speak Japanese??/span> 
(4) Alexandro said to Junco, “Don’t write in pencil.?/span> 
(5) Giang said to Thura, “Saigon was the capital of Vietnam.?o:p>
Section Two
Passive Voice                       
     Read the following sentences carefully. Change the active to passive
     and the passive to active.           
(1) A letter has been mailed to Yunuen by Dany. 
(2) The city has fixed the damaged roads. 
(3) Queen Elizabeth visited Egypt last year. 
(4) Cliff took Sabri’s class today. 
(5) Jaime offered his girlfriend a gift.  (USE THE DIRECT OBJECT AS THE SUBJECT)
Section Three
Adjective Clauses 
Please combine the following clauses using sentence ‘B?as an adjective clause.
1-  (A)    I know that girl.
(B)   The girl is wearing a red dress.
2-  (A)    Egypt is an African state.
(B) Sabri was born in Egypt.
3-   (A) I will never forget that day.
(B) That day I came to the United States.
4-   (A)    I met the man.
(B) The man’s wife is in the hospital.
5-   (A)    The classroom is large.
(B) We take ESL 54 in this classroom.
Section Four
Noun Clauses
Please respond to the following questions completing the responses with noun clauses:
Where is the library?
I don’t know -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Why didn’t Akiko come to school?
I don’t know -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Who is the ESL34 teacher?
I don’t know ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Section Five
Topic Sentences
Please identify whether each of the following sentences is an effective topic sentence and state why.
British and American English are not the same. 
Computer terminology, such as input and output, is frequently used in other contexts. 
The worst kind of dictionaries. 
Cigarette smoking is hazardous to one’s health and smells bad. 
Studying at SAC is great.
Section Six
On Writing
Please mark the following statements as true or false.

A.     An effective paragraph is one that focuses on two ideas.  T / F
B.     The topic sentence must be at the beginning of the paragraph. T / F
C.     A vague topic sentence is one with more than one idea. T / F
D.     Emphatic order means the order of importance. T / F
E.      Writing is difficult for ESL students only. T / F
F.      We write an outline after we have written the paragraph. T / F
G.     A comparison paragraph is one that looks at the differences between two people or things. T / F
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