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    On Effectiveness
    Please read each the following sentences carefully and decide whether it is effective.  If it is not, please rewrite it to make it better. 
    (1)    Our fifth floor patient, in room 6, is a mentally ill patient.
    (2)    The best teachers help each student to become a better student both academically and
    (3)    Black slaves were called or stereotyped as lazy even though they were the main labor force of
             the South.
    (4)    In my opinion, our current policy in Central America is misguided on several counts.
    (5)    The secretary is responsible for monitoring and balancing the budget for travel, contract
             services, and personnel.
    (6)    In order that I may increase my expertise in the area of delivery of services to clients, I feel
             that participation in this conference will be beneficial. 
    (7)    When our progenitors reach their silver haired and golden years, we frequently ensepulcher
              them in homes for senescent beings as if they were already among the deceased.
    (8)    A scholarship athlete must be as concerned about his academic performance as he is about
               his athletic performance.
    (9)    The apartment that we moved into it needed many repairs.
    On Logic
    Please decide whether each of the following sentences is logical; of it is not, correct it.
    (1)    It was possible to feed a family of four on $70 a week before Governor Bebawi took office
              and drove up food prices.
    (2)    This country has been run too long by old, out of touch, entrenched politicians protecting
               the special interests that got them elected.
    (3)    Our war on drugs has not worked.  Either we should legalize drugs or we should turn the
                drug war over to our armed forces and let them fight it.
    (4)    If the president had learned the lesson of Vietnam, he would realize that sending U.S.
               troops into a foreign country can only end in disaster.
    (5)    College professors tend to be sarcastic.  Three of my five professors this semester make
                sarcastic remarks.
    On Thesis Statements
    Please decide whether each of these thesis statements is effective and identify the reason, i.e. too broad, too narrow, announcement, includes more than one idea.
    (1)    Computers have changed our society.
    (2)    I am going to write on my ideas concerning "F" grades.
    (3)    The way our society treats elderly people is unbelievable.
    (4)    The strangest teacher I ever had taught me a lesson I will never forget.
    (5)    People who eat a lot of red meat are almost three times more likely to get colon
              cancer than people who eat mostly fish and chicken.
    (6)    My last car was dependable, but many American cars are poorly made.
    (7)    The first car that I owned was a Ford.
    (8)    The subject of this essay is daily prayer in our public schools.
    (9)    Soap operas show many stereotyped characters, although they also portray real
                problems in American life
    (10)   Action must be taken against drugs.