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Exercise on Topic Sentences
The first sentences of each passage in the following text have been removed and mixed up.
Match each sentence with the correct passage.
Missing sentences:
1) One of my parents' few rules is: if they say stop, I stop - without question or hesitation.
2) Since I began driving, I have learned some amazing things about my parents.
3) No one has been hurt, car damages are nothing that a couple grand could not fix, and my parents 
        have not tried to take control of the car yet.
4) There are not many times in a guy's life when he is able to turn the tables on his family
         by following their instructions.
5) I am beginning to think that my parents associate my learning to drive with our religion.
6) Learning to drive has been more different than I expected.
The text where the sentences are taken from:
My Parents Are Driving Me Crazy
A _____
While driving everyone to church, I had an opportunity.  When the car was closing in on an intersection, the light changed, and my dad immediately shouted "Stop."
B _____
So I slammed on the brakes, and every unstationary object flew forward. I heard my three brothers groan in the back, and my mother give a short, nervous laugh.  After my father recovered, he looked at me with bulging eyes and said with a shaky voice, "Nice work, Jas."
C _____
I had really looked forward to getting my permit six months ago; I had imagined
myself cruising down Route 66 in my babe magnet minivan. The day I started to drive,
the reality of the situation hit me: for the next five months my paranoid parents would
 be in the car with me wherever I went.
D _____
Whenever I get behind the wheel a change immediately occurs. My calm, reasonable parents disappear, leaving nervous wrecks. They try to hide their feelings, but whenever  they give advice, it is either spoken through clenched teeth or screamed.
E _____
Not only do they lift pleading eyes toward heaven as I start the engine, the drive to church is the only time that they relinquish the keys without argument. They probably figure  that God will protect us since we are going to church to worship him  (and they always seem thankful as they stagger out of the car when we arrive).
F _____
All things considered, I would say I am doing pretty well. However, my parents  could use a