Preparing for an Online Course

Learning strategies (include, but not are not limited to) readings from textbook, online journals, online magazines, and other Internet sources, writing assignments such as written responses to discussion questions and Chat/E-mail sessions. Additional strategies include demonstrating a level of expertise on material(s) presented via the online classroom. This course includes a Curriculum Wizard designed to generate a web page by the user inputting the information they want into text fields (no HTML required). Students may choose to use a favorite HTML editor to generate a web page as well.

All student contact MUST be done in the following manner:

Each student will be notified via e-mail or mail with the login and password for their class account. Instructions on how to login will be included in the correspondence. This course will be taught primarily in a program called Web CT. This is an online course management software program that can be accessed by any computer that has Internet access and a browser such as Netscape 4.7+ or Internet Explorer 5.

Once in the Web CT course, all students, and myself, will have a course email account to be used exclusively for this course. You will be unable to use the Web CT email address outside the course, therefore, a separate email account is required, such as Hotmail, Yahoo, etc, if I need to contact you outside of class. It's like a second phone number. I will also provide you a separate email for tech support questions: Please do not use my campus email address for class related correspondence. Please note that I shall not correspond with an AOL address.

Although e-mail will not be graded it is expected that all students will use correct grammar and spelling. Please be brief and to the point. In addition please do not send Spam or "for sale" type of e-mails.

The URL of the Web CT server can be found by clicking the Web CT button on this page. Or browse to 

Highly Recommended

Internet Explorer 5+
Netscape 4.7+
(recommended over Netscape 6 - it's just too weird)
Mac OS 8 or above
Windows 98 or above
Min. 28.8K connection
An email account other than AOL

I will provide you an opportunity to ask tech questions in the beginning of the course* to help you get started.

(Please, AOL accounts are discouraged.)

We will be using the Web CT discussion room extensively. Instructions will be provided at the orientation. A point of reference here, so let's discuss a few guidelines.

1. First, if you have questions you will first post your question to the class discussion list. You are all highly encouraged to participate in helping out your fellow designers as much as you can. Twenty percent of your grade will based on your participation in the discussion room and the critiquing of other online work. The first week of the course is dedicated to an orientation where you will meet each other online and get familiar with the course tools.

Each student is asked to participate twice each week in the discussion forum. Students will be sharing their work with other classmates. A certain degree of netiquette is required, such as:

  • Check the discussion frequently and respond to the topic appropriately
  • Focus on one subject per message, typing the subject title in the heading of your message
  • Only capitalize words to highlight a point
  • Cite references and sources when quoting
  • Please do not forward someone's message without warning them first
  • It is OK to use humor, but in the absence of visual cues, it can be misinterpreted
  • Feel free to use emoticons such as ;-) to let others know you're being humorous

If you have posted your question to the discussion board and no one has answered within 3 days I will post the answer on the discussion board for all to see. This eliminates the redundancy of like questions, hence allowing all to benefit from your question. This process also increases class unity and allows you to help your fellow team members.

2. Attendance is taken every week. A class week consists of logging on to the Web CT site, participating in student discussion, and completing posted assignments. Students are highly encouraged to attend each and every week due to the nature of the subject matter. A student is not allowed to miss more that three (3 weeks) classes in a row; this is considered excessive. Excessive absences (defined as missing three (3 weeks) or more classes in a row) will result in the student being dropped.

It is the student's responsibility to withdraw from the class if he/she no longer wishes to attend. If a student does not complete the class or withdraws, the student will receive a grade of "NC". In addition, the instructor will not give any "I" incomplete grades.

3. Viruses are a nuisance to say the least. You are encouraged to have and utilize a virus protection program. Please do not send Word documents attached to your WebCT email.

There will be no formal exam(s). Although, students will have a final project due which will be explained prior to the end of the semester. There will be NO make up for late work.

4. As required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), accommodations are provided to ensure equal opportunity for students with verified disabilities. If you have a disability that requires accommodations for this class, please contact  Disabled Student Program at 408-2883746.

5. You are highly encouraged to make a backup copy of all of your work done on your computer.

All web site links are subject to change. Please report any broken links via the WebCT or my private email and I will try to find a suitable substitute ASAP